Our story

Castle Concrete has been providing flatwork concrete services for over 40 years. Based in North Fort Myers, Florida, we provide services such as commercial concrete, residential concrete, driveways, lawn grading, and more.


We are a ‘flatwork’ concrete service. Concrete flatwork is any piece of concrete laid on a horizontal plane. However, it can better be defined as driveways, sidewalks, curbs, parking lots, and many other concrete functions that surround us almost everywhere.


The allure of Southwest Florida's unique architectural canvas and the region's vibrant communities captivated Dave Isaacson. Eager to share his concrete mastery, Dave decided to expand his horizons and establish Castle Concrete in this captivating region. Our Illinois journey laid the groundwork for our Florida venture, equipping us with the skills and insights to continue delivering outstanding concrete solutions.

Our Missions and Values

Community: Community is the satisfaction in helping others by using our skills, talents, and financial resources.
Loyalty: Loyalty is the ability to stay committed through thick and thin.

You can put your trust in Castle Concrete to provide you with expert services. Our team will assist you through any process you choose. 

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